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Current Operating Procedures...

Boundaries Between Schools

Each school has been allocated a Transport Entitlement Zone [TEZ] by the Ministry of Education.   These should be strictly halfway points as per lines on a county map.  School bus services are obliged to operate under strict guidelines related to the TEZ.  For example one school is not allowed to uplift a pupil who resides within the TEZ of another school, without first obtaining permission of the school whose TEZ the pupil resides in.


Parents who have questions related to travel outside of their local school TEZ, should contact the Administrator, to find out if permission has been granted, BEFORE enrolling their child for the bus service.


Variations to the TEZ can be negotiated between the schools concerned. Once the schools have reached agreement they are to notify the Administrator of the terms of the agreement, in writing. Once the Ministry of Education has approved and signed off on the new boundaries the new TEZ will come into play.  Schools wishing to change their TEZ should contact the Administrator for the documentation required.



  1. All students, from Years 1-8, living further than 3.2 kms from their nearest school, have a bus transport eligibility for that local school.

  2. All students, Year 9 and over, living further than 4.8kms from their nearest school, have a bus transport eliginility, for that local school.

  3. In the cases listed in 1 or 2 above, these eligibilities are transferable, i.e. parents may choose to send their children to another school, further away from the closest suitable school and they will be able to use their eligible distance, in the form of transport credits, towards the school chosen. They will however have to meet the cost of the difference between the eligible distance and the actual distance to the school chosen. Where additional costs are incurred the parent is agreeing to pay the additional amount for the full twelve month period of the bus service.

  4. Schools of Special Character will retain their bus transport privileges as per the Ministry of Education agreement. This is the right to a fully subsidised transport system from any part of the district to their nearest suitable "Special Character" school. Please note that other bus systems may preclude parents from claiming this right and students who live within the distances listed in 1 and 2 above are excluded.

Transport Credits

These will be allocated on a strictly equable basis, based solely on the distance from the nearest suitable school for that age group. They do not equate to money but to distance. Each eligible student will have transport credits allocated to them when the register with Mid Canterbury School Transport Service.

Students who do not register with M.C.S.T.S., but attempt to use the bus service, will be refused entry by the driver acting on the authority of M.C.S.T.S.  Entry will continue to be refused until the pupil is enrolled officially with M.C.S.T.S.


Transport Assistance Allowances

1. The Minsitry of Education Transport Assistance Allowance will remain in place for parents of eligible students. The minimum distance required to be considered for this allowance is 2.4kms from the house to the nearest bus pick-up point. Please note that other bus systems may preclude parents from claiming this allowance. Eligibility for this allowance is based on actual school days attended as verified by the school principal.

2. Special Needs students can apply to School Support Ltd, for a pro-rata transport assistance allowance.
3. Individual schools may offer a subsidy to parents to support the bus travel. Parents need to contact the schools directly regarding this.