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Bus Rules

Rules for Behaviour

The following is the minimum expected behaviour of all students travelling on the school bus:

  • Follow the driver's instruction without question.
  • Remain seated for the entire journey.
  • All rubbish is to be put in the container provided.
  • There is to be no behaviour that could distract the driver from their driving duties.
  • Follow any reasonable request from the student Bus Leader.
  • Report any incident / behaviour that may result in damage to the bus, to the driver / Bus Leader / school teacher.

Students who do not behave as per the rules can expect to have their bus transport privilege withdrawn for a period of time. In the first instance this is not likely to be more than five school days. Any subsequent problems will result in longer periods off the bus, ultimately leading up to a full withdrawal of privilege.

Mid Canterbury School Transport Service takes no responsibility for arranging other forms of transport for students who have their transport privilege withdrawn.